Why Choose us?


Our workshop facilitators have extensive experience in carrying out tailor made workshops for a number of different industries. They have worked closely with the likes of Aberdeen City Council, ACT Aberdeen, International School of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon's University and Creative Learning delivering a variety of role play and public speaking workshops.


10ft Tall Theatre will fit your specific company, organisational or personal needs around our expertise within performing arts and public speaking. We fully believe that in order to get the maximum benefit from a workshop, that it can't be one size fits all. We like to find out as much as we can about what a client needs and build our workshop around you.


We believe you get the most from a workshop, when you believe in why you're doing it. Every exercise and every point we bring up in a workshop or role play is fully anchored with the question 'why?' Why are we here and why are these people giving up their time? We believe every second of our workshops should be valued for our participants and we strive to deliver an exciting, diverse and memorable experience.


All our facilitators come from a performing arts background. Communication and self awareness is entirely our job and we have a wealth of innovative, effective and practical ways to help improve these skills for a client. We believe in making genuine connections with people and showing the utmost care and consideration for who we work with.

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